My Name is KOMPAI

Big Data For Health Care

Robots for the elderly with Kompai

Our Kompaï robot, which aims to help vulnerable people and those at risk in their daily lives, is an ideal information sensor device. It enables medical data, such as physiological or actimetric information, to be collected.

This data is then analysed using predictive models of health outcomes which are now emerging in hospital platforms.

Real-time analytics

Other data are, in turn, more technical and specific to the smooth functioning of our robots. For example, real-time information is used by the predictive model to determine whether the robot is working properly.
An alert is sent if a problem seems likely to arise. Prescriptive models which automate the management of such potential complications are now being studied.

Our client feedback

In order to implement this vital function for our customers, we approached the Korigan Company who provided the initial necessary support aimed at the development of embedded software for acquisition and data transfer, and subsequently the structure and cloud storage with analyses of the data.
We can therefore provide and process a large amount of data both for our customers as well as for the internal operation of our robots.The processing of such data can be in real time or offline, allowing us to analyse specific faults or optimize certain data models.